Why Permanent Makeup?

Have you over plucked your brows over the years and are left with out of date, thin lines?

Do you wash your makeup off and wonder where your face has gone?

Do you struggle to draw your brows on and wish they could look as good as the ones you see in magazines or on TV?

There are many reasons why women consider permanent makeup.  Each reason is individual to that person and is equally as important to their confidence.

Permanent makeup can do something that normal makeup can’t, by creating natural looking hair strokes where the hair may not already grow. This allows the makeup artist to design eyebrows which complement facial features and bring balance to the dimensions of your face.

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Prior to tattooing new brows, facial mapping ensures a correctly balanced composition


Semi-Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing, the correct term for it is ‘micropigmentation’. It’s a two-part procedure that will give you always flawless brows for at least 12 months. After 12 months it is necessary to have your brows topped up once a year to keep their definition and perfect shape. Otherwise this semi-permanent treatment will eventually fade out.

OnFlique offers bespoke brow enhancements designed to suit your taste, age, skin tone and most importantly, to give you a look you will love!

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