Permanent Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Blush (or permanent lipstick) is a highly effective beauty treatment which enhances the natural shape of your lips without the need for fillers or other invasive cosmetic procedures.  A gentle low frequency digital tattoo machine will be used to implant coloured pigment into your skin using fine needles.

Many women lack shape and definition in their lips and choose permanent lip blush to add colour and boost the appearance of symmetry.  As people age natural lip colour is often lost and scarring from cold sores can badly effect the vermilion border (line/ border around the lip). Permanent Lip Blush helps regain the natural contours of your lips giving you confidence back in your appearance.

Lip Blush does not prevent you from being able to wear other coloured lipsticks, this is easily applied on top.  It will however help your lipstick last longer as rubbing off will appear less noticeable.

A consultation along with a patch test is necessary before any Permanent Makeup treatments.  The consultation will last around 30 minutes and will involve the treatment being discussed in detail.  Once you are completely happy with the process and your colour choice, we can then get you booked in for an appointment.

For this treatment, 2.5 hours will be allocated out for your appointment and you will be required to return to us 6 weeks later for a touch-up.  This will finalise your treatment and you will have the desired results for up to 24 months.  Touch up appointments can be booked after 12 months to boost the pigment and revitalise the colour.

Some swelling is to be expected 24 hours after treatment and lips generally only take around 5 days to heal.  Full aftercare advice will be provided on the day along with products to apply to assist healing.

Aftercare advice sheets are given and OnFliqué provide all our customers with complimentary world famous After Inked balm to assist with healing.

For more information please contact us so that we can be of assistance.

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