Ombré Powder Brows Treatment

Here at OnFliqué, we specialise in the Ombre effect Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment.  This is our most popular choice of eyebrow enhancement, and we believe our photo gallery speaks for itself.

The French word Ombré translates to ‘shaded’ which perfectly describes the beautiful soft blending of dark to light pigment through the brow. This technique works very lightly on the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and to master this technique it is essential that the technician applies very little pressure.  Tiny pixels of pigment (colour) are implanted into the skin using a low frequency digital tattoo machine as the technician softly glides the needle over the surface of the skin. This seamless shading means there are no harsh edges to these eyebrows and once healed, this advanced technique will imitate a soft powdery makeup effect brow.

OnFliqué have mastered this technique and our results are flawless. Be reassured that when this style is executed well, it is impossible for too much pigment to be implanted into the skin.  On the contrary, a lot of time and patience goes into building and layering the pigment up. We allocate a full 3 hours for our initial permanent brow appointments and this is a reflection of the amount of effort and dedication we put into getting them right for you.

Once brows are finished the colour will look much bolder and darker than what they will be after the 10 day healing process is complete.  Brows will fade up to 40% after the first treatment and will require an initial top up appointment 6 weeks later.  Initial top ups are included in the cost and are an essential part of the treatment.

Aftercare advice sheets are given and OnFliqué provide all our customers with complimentary world famous After Inked lotion to assist with healing.

Once complete, you can relish the results of your Ombré powder brows for 12-24 months before deciding on a top up appointment to refresh the pigment.

Please book a consultation prior to your first treatment at OnFlique so that we can eliminate any allergies.  Your consultation will include a brow design so that you can see exactly how your brows will look.

For more information about our Ombré powder brows services, please complete our online contact form, or send us a message on Facebook. Alternatively, to speak to a member of the team directly, please call us on 07514 025551. We will be pleased to assist you with any queries you may have for us.

Cost Of Treatment

Full Price - £450 £350

Split Payments (£50 deposit, £150 & £150)

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