BROWPOLAR: The Rollercoaster of Emotions Experienced During the Healing Process


Fortunately for me, my first experience with permanent makeup was getting my brows tattooed. Without knowing it at the time, this did give me a massive advantage when it came to working in the industry because I could relate to people through every step of their journey.

Whether it be financial, debating over which treatment, aftercare, or whatever the worry or concern, I had been there, done it and bought the T-shirt.

What I want to make light of today but also help reassure current or future clients about is the process they will go through following their initial brow treatment. Because boy oh boy, you are going to experience it at some stage….it’s called BROWPOLAR!!!!!!

It's important to remember that getting your brows done is not like a beauty treatment, really it should be compared to getting a tattoo. I believe that it is THIS misunderstanding that causes confusion and sends our brains into a complete panic.

Added to this, before getting your brows done you will have told every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mavis over at number 21 about your brow appointment and each one of them is going to give you their opinion the very first time they see you. This might not necessarily be once your brows have healed after their touch up….and this my friends, is where things start to get interesting.

My husband’s first comment to me as I walked through the door after spending all my hard-earned cash on a set of eyebrows – “Wow, they’re a set of power brows” with my daughter sniggering in the background.

My best friend said, “yeah mate, I mean they’re ok for you, but I don’t think I’ll be getting them done.”

Safe to say I have tattooed every one of my friend's eyebrows including this one. She was one of the first!!

These comments don’t help matters. And so, it begins, the seed of doubt has been planted and off you go on your journey of LOVE/HATE with your eyebrows.

These are some things that you may find yourself doing;

  • Looking in the mirror with a stupid expression on your face – ‘eek, they’re wonky’
  • Taking selfies to see if they look ok – ‘WTF have I done’
  • Batting off negative comments, hoping to god your brows are going to come good
  • Messaging your technician – ‘they’re patchy’
  • Returning for your touch up appointment saying ‘they’re not dark enough’ or ‘this bit is darker than that bit’

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong for you to think or feel this way at all. Hell no, it’s perfectly fine to feel like this because you’re right, they’re not as they should be, this isn’t what you’ve paid for…. BUT (and this is a big but) you must remember that you’re only HALF way through your journey. You have a top-up appointment and another 10 days healing to go before you reach the promised land, ladies.

You can imagine it, palm trees, beach, cocktail in hand, you’ve just got out from a dip in the pool, but wait, what’s that……………oh yehhhh its your perfect set of eyebrows still on your face. You’re finally there, after all your doubting, worrying, waiting, wondering and patience, you’ve made it - BROWTOPIA.

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